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To weeks

I’ve been busy again. Well when I say busy I mean either being proper busy at work, bus with Kel or busy relaxing at home watching the telly things I couldn’t when at work or with Kel.

Exciting things done over the last however long include:

Doing a night shift and then waking up to have Kel make me a nice Sunday chicken dinner.

Going for a Chinese buffet type meal with Kel and 11 others for a friends birthday.

Defrosted most of the freezer with Kel. There’s still a bit to do though. Turns out I like hitting ice with plastic things.

Going for a nice walk to Rufford Park with Kel and my folks and then later on her having her first Sunday dinner cooked by my Mum and meeting my Brother and his girlfriend.

Giving K her pre brithday pressie of a netball pole & hoop.

Going into town on the bank holiday with Kel to see the beach for the last time this year.

Playing Beatles Rock Band for about 5 hours.

Going to the cinema to watch District 9 which I enjoyed and had me either speaking with a south African accent or like a prawn for a few days after.
I also went to see The Final Destination with K. That film wasn’t as good. OK for a date movie I guess but let down a bit by the ending.

Oh and I might be joining a gym (more of a heath center type thing)

This week is quite special as it will be Kels 30th birthday :)
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