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Me, Kel and Jim

Last Wednesday night to Monday morning have been absolutely brilliant.

On Wednesday after work Kel drove up and we had some nice food and chilled out at mine. We were both very tired but stayed up till midnight so I could wish her a happy birthday.

Thursday was her birthday. We both had the next few days off work so we could make her 30th birthday a really great one. I did offer to make her breakfast in bed but she settled for present opening in bed and then me attempting to do some kind of triple egg style muffins with bacon.
A week or 2 previously she had found her first present of a netball post in my garden and now to add to her enjoyment were a number of Survivor and Jimi Jamison CDs, concert tickets, lottery tickets and a copy of my front door key with a small photo key ring with the both of us on it being smushy.

We then went for a wander about town to firstly spend some of her birthday money on a Konad nail art stamper set ( which I might practice on my nails. I might end up a nail transvestite :o

Dinner was a Pizza Hut buffet (=very full of good badness) and then we did the very evil task of trying to find my feet some trainers. Kel was very supportive as I grumbled and dismissed loads but finally found ones that actually fit me.

On the way home we had a tour around what could be a life changing building.

Friday – Gym day. With some encouragement I got on my new trainers and some shorts and a T-shirt and Kel & I went to the gym we were shown around the day before.
Kel goes to a gym herself so was familiar with the equipment and showed me how to use things like the running machine, cross trainer, bikes and some of the weight machine and free weights. We also had a bit of fun on the mat with the big bouncy ball things.
While I did have some good 5-10 minutes on various machines and did push myself at times it wasn’t perhaps what you might call a proper workout, but it did pass plenty of time. To pass more time I did something that I haven’t done in a while and that I was quite apprehensive about. I went for a swim. In my shorts, with my torso showing. Not a big deal to some but it meant a lot to me that I was able to do thins after so many years. There was only a handful of people there but it was a good first step into me being half naked in public.
Many years ago I used to be a good swimmer but I haven’t been near water for some time now. So I wasn’t very good now. I even managed to embarrass myself by panicking a bit when I couldn’t stay afloat only to find that if I stood up the water only came to chest height anyway.

But I’m not a full time member of this gym yet. Oh no. I was there on a trail run thanks to some free passes I got at work.

Later that day we also had a quick tour around another gym. It seemed to be bigger, cheaper to join and have more equipment, but it was also further away, the machines were facing each other more full of younger or more fitter people, no natural light, and more music blaring out. Kel seemed to prefer this gym as she doesn’t have problems with people like I do, and the 2 class rooms were pretty good, one being huge and the other having a wonderful Chinese themed Zen about it.

Even though it sounds wrong I think when on a machine I would prefer to look out of a window rather than someones arse bobbling about or their face in sweaty gurny mode. Therefore I might just have to join the first gym with it’s more peaceful feeling and machines which mostly face out of the windows (in fact there are 3 sections of either mirror, window or frosted glass).

Enough of my blabbering (the tail end of a 12 hour night shift). The main thing to saw in this entry was that we had a good couple of birthday days and we still had 2 days of fun stuff left.

Oh and after the gym we went and had a big meal in the pub :) But at least we didn’t have pudding :)

More tomorrow (if I find time between working).
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