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Kel’s birthday bash and family doo

I wonder if I’ll have time to proof read this. Probably not. I need a day off. Works been a little busy the last few nights and the Saturday and Sunday before I wasn’t exactly busy per se but was kept occupied.

On Saturday Kel and I drove 50 miles south to an Express by Holiday Inn hotel where for the next few hours I got ready and also meet and greeted as many of my friends who arrived as I could. In between these activities I put some fake tattoos on myself and Kel.

6 oh something pm I drove the birthday girl to the venue and then drove myself back in time to meet a small army of people in the lobby. Amongst these were about 13 of my friends (now also Kels friends) 2 of kel’s friends (now also my friends) and my Mum & Dad.
Kel had organised a bus to carry these people to the venue and back and it was my job to make sure everyone got on the bus.
The venue was a room in a small local football club. I wasn’t sure at first if it would be suitable enough but it turned out to be just right. There weren’t any great birthday banners up but there was a big 3 and 0 balloons, a rock DJ with his own lighting system, and 10 most excellent inflatable guitars which were put to good use through the night by the young and young at heart.
I wasn’t drinking a great deal as I had a lot of mingling to do and meeting of some of Kel’s friends who I hadn’t already met. Kel was pretty much non stop dancing all night. Sometimes others would join her and sometimes she would be on her own, but she was ok in her own little dancing world.
I spent most of my time between the dance floor acting like a total loon (mostly involving guitar fights with the kids) or outside trying to get some air after exerting myself.

Kel made a really nice speech which gave thanks to her lovely boyfriend Simon. At this point my mates shouted out “Who?” so she changed it to baggy so they could all understand who they were on about. It’s odd having 2 names, 3 or more if you count Lovely as a name :)

When the clock struck midnight we were on our way back to the hotel. We lost some of our number there but most stayed up for 1 drink including my parents who seemed to have had a good time and it was good to see them getting on with my inebriated mates.
The bar shut at 1am but a mighty half dozen stayed up to make sure the beer was safe. I returned to our room 20+ minutes after Kel and expected to find her half asleep. Instead she was sitting on the bed surrounded by the envelopes, cards, wrapping paper and presents that she had received earlier.
We had a brief tidy up and moments later she was out like a light and not soon after so was I.

We got up and ready with not enough sleep and then saw some of the gang at breakfast. By the time I got back from returning the DJ and his girlfriend to the venue (they had left their van their and traveled back to the hotel with us) nearly everyone had gone.

Kel & I then took my Mum and Dad slightly north into the nice old worldly town of Lichfeild before going to her Mum and her Mum’s partners house before then going out for a meal together with Kel’s gran and brother.

The food was nice (2 for 1 too) and everyone seemed to get on well. We said our farewells and travelled home and slumped for the rest of the night.

It was a memorable long weekend and Kel said it was her best birthday ever and some of that was thanks to me. Good times :)

Oh and on Monday I managed to go and see Gamer at the cinema. It turned out to be quite a good violent sci-fi based film with an interesting Running Man type plot which while a little ludicrous is well allowed to be because it’s a sci-fi film and not the news. Well made, occasionally funny, over the top and starring Gerald Butler being heroic and Michael C. Hall being creepy.
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