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Le weekend du stag

Friday – Kel came up. Nice night. Simples.

Saturday – Stag day
All I had to do was find a dozen men willing to put their dignity on the line by joining in with an indoor karting event followed by some pubs in town. Simples.
Well maybe not very simples but after weeks of fretting and 2 drop outs and 1 drop back in I was just hoping that everybody would turn up on time and enjoy it. For some of the journey there I thought I might not turn up on time due to some bad choices when picking peepoles up. But it turned out we had loads of time spare as we watched the end of the previous race, selected our fetching racing jumpsuits and had a briefing about track rules.
We the dangerous dozen split into 4 teams of 3 and found ourselves pitted against 9 other teams to see who could do the most laps in 120 minutes.
Out of the 13 our teams came in something like 11th, 10th, 5th and quite nicely 1st. I of course was in the team that came 11th. But the final 2 places were teams full of women so technically we did come in last. I’m built for comfort not for speed ;) Myself also having a helmet malfuntion at one point didn’t help along with a motion sick driver and another who was in the kart when the break pedal decided not to work.
But save for a few moments when I just had to be captain slow or had steering columns jabbing my thigh I did have a good time and so did everybody else. More importantly as I had prepaid for the event everybody got the money to me and I was rich in wallet :)

It took me longer than the others to get home and longer than the others to get ready (it’s the long hair) so I got to Nandos after everyone else. But they were yet to be seated so all was good.

The next 5 hours were spent in various pubs: The Roebuck (which had leather settees), The Royal Children (which was empty but had a jukebox), The Salutation (Rock Pub where a band was on) and The Tap & Tumbler (Rock Pub where a man in the loos told me that he thought the loos were really smelly. I told him that it was a rock pub and their supposed to smell like rock and roll. He said they smelt of piss).
By the rock pubs I had transferred from pints of bitter to JD and cokes. This continued for the rest of the night.
Sometime around midnight we found ourselves in Rock City. It was surprisingly only £5 to get in which isn’t too much more from when I was a wee young rock and roller dancing the night away in the main room.
Now I’m not so wee and on the threshold of young I spent most of the night in the smaller room downstairs (The Rig) occasionally strutting my stuff on the dance floor to things like Van Halen, Faith No more, Journey, Tyketto, and some Thunder for the stagman. I tried to make sure there was at least 2 of us on the dance floor at any time but sometimes it remarkably rose to 5 or maybe even 6.

Through foggy memories we recalled that we were usually chucked out about 2am. But it was now after 2 so we presumed it was going on a little bit longer and decided to beat the crowds to the chip shop. When we asked someone in the clock room queue about times we found out that it now stays open till 3:30am. These crazy kidz nowdays eh.

A couple of brave souls attempted the dodgy burger van next door to Rock City but the rest of us went forth to the Moulan Rouge chip shop for some dog meat and chips.
When done we all went off on our merry ways. Me and the stagman back up towards Rock City where my lovely lady came to pick us up and drive us home. How lucky am I :)

Everybody and a really good time. It’s been a loooong time since I boogied on down in The Rig and I hope I can do it again someday with my lovely in tow as I know she would like it too.

Some milk and tablets later and I was quickly to snoozytown for 8 hours or so.

Sunday – Felt a bit rough all day. The most I managed to do was put the pics on facebook, do a bit of shopping and real photo ordering at Tesco, eat most of a chicken dinner (thanks Kel :*) and lounge in front of the telly. Oh actually there was one more thing ;)

Monday – If I had a normal work day I would have woken at 05:50. But I was given an extra hour due to being on a defibrillator refresh course at a different site. I could probably do with sticking those little pads on me today as when I got to work at12:30 til when I left at 06:45 I’ve been in and out of reality. Managed to write this still though so I can’t be too bad :)

Tuesday (tomorrow) - Work work work
Wednesday - Gym?, Goose Fair with Kel
Thursday – Cinema, TV
Fr-Sat – nights nights nights
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