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More great times with Kel between work including the best 30th birthday ever.

Best CD of recent times purchased
Bigelf - Cheat The Gallows
Jimi Jamison - Crossroads Moment
Magica - Wolves And Witches
Magellan – Innocent God
Manson Marilyn - The High End of Low
Masters Of Reality - Pine / Cross Dover
Mind Odyssey - Time to Change It 2009
Alanis Morissette - Flavors of Entanglement
Mystery – Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face
Ray Wilson - Propaganda Man

Nice ones from Masters Of Reality, Alanis, Mystery and Ray Wilson.
Brill ones from Magellan and the excellent return of Mind Odyssey after 10 years.
Bigelf - Cheat The Gallows
I think my fave has to be Jimi Jamison - Crossroads Moment which sees the singer on fine form with all songs written by ex-Survivor keyboard man Jim Peterik

Best CD from ages past purchased
Bigelf - Closer To Doom 1995
Cobra - First Strike 1983
Jimi Jamison - When Love Comes Down 1991
Jimi Jamison - Empires 1999
Madness One Step Beyond... 1979
Eric Martin Destroy All Monsters 2004
Mind Odyssey - Signs 1999
Survivor - When Seconds Count 1986
Survivor - Too Hot to Sleep 1988
Survivor - Reach 2006

Eric Martin still has a lovely voice.
Jimi J is great on his solo albums and with his old band Cobra and of course the lovely Lovely Survivor albums. Even the newest one without Jim Peterik is good
A dual win this month as Jimi Jamison – Empires (1999) is great but to make it better it has the Baywatch theme tune (I'm Always Here) and live version of Burning Heart (Rocky IV)
Bigelf - Closer To Doom (1995) is great as it’s their first album and brings back the organ into rock with their mix of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and The Beatles influences.

Best best of CD purchased
Honeymoon Suite - Essentials
FM – Only The Strong - Nice songs from this classic British 90s AOR rock act with a slight Paul Rodgers edge.

Gig of the Month
I don’t think there’s been one (but there was an ace birthday party full of top tunes and a night out at Rock City)

Cinema film of the Month
The Final Destination was err, yeah, ok ish
Gamer was an interesting sci-fi but I think I preferred District 9 more. It was more real (because aliens getting stuck on Earth is more likely than being able to control a human with a computer).

Film on TV
Chaos – Staham/Snipes. Not a bad combo. Got predictable near the end though.
Deception – McGregor/Wolverine. Not a bad combo. Got predictable near the end though. Probably wins for it’s sexy edge. Probably won’t go through to the years final though.
Shine A Light (Rolling Stones)

DVD watched
21 Grams - was a bit too deep for a 3 in the morning viewing
Vacancy 2: The First Cut - wasn’t too bad actually
Babysitter Wanted– Can’t tell if it was so bad it was good or not
Feintheart – pleasant easy going English romantic(ish) comedy drama with a battle re-enactment theme
Hit & Run
Sex Drive – Better than I thought it would be

Rewatched DVD
I thought Quarantine was a very good remake of .Rec but Cube is a bit more of a classic even if looking a little dated.

Top purchase
I think I forgot to mention my nice new Cutlery last month :) I guess gym membership is a good buy too :) Oh and I’ve already paid in full for the hotel for next years Sweden Rock Festival in June :o

October has 16 days at work, 4 gigs(2 all dayers) and a wedding :o
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