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I’ve watched 2 films at the cinema already this month and I’ve more to do.
Surrogates had Bruce Willis running round. First as a shiny robot person with nice hair and then as a baldy rough looking type.
The story while occasionally predictable was good enough and there was plenty of action in a 12A certificate type of way. Enjoyable enough to watch again on DVD sometime.

Pandorum had Dennis Quid initially sitting around in a big spaceship as his younger coworker had to deal with some bloodthirsty alien type thingies. It was a little more violent thanks to its 15 certificate and had more mystery about it than the other film. I did still manage to half guess the secrets of the film but still got a good conclusion.
Glowsticks rule :)

I've got a gig tonight. I thnk it's been a while since my last one :oCi
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