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It's been over 2 months since my last gig :o. But now I' (soon to be we're) back (about 16 gigs before Crimbo) :)

The band have been going for over 20 years and have only released 6 albums over that time. But when I say band it’s primarily vocalist/guitarist/song writer Chris Goss and whoever he has with him at the time. In the past he’s even had the legendary Ginger Baker on Drums and also help from Mark Lanegan from Screaming Trees and Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age who he has also return the favour and appeared with on many on his albums.

Chris and his current gang of bassist, drummer and keyboard player were due on stage at 8pm but it was 20 minutes or so later when the intro tape was played. Now I’m fairly certain and will have to clarify it soon but I’m sure the intro was the first 2 minutes of Jon Anderson’s 1976 concept album Olias Of Sunhillow.

On Saturday night the Rescue Rooms was comfortably full for this band that most people have probably never heard of. So much so that with the inclusion of a few freaky tall people I couldn’t see much happening on stage but they aren’t really a band that put on that kind of a show.
Tracks played seemed to span all albums the most memorable being Dreamtime, John Brown and She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On). I think they seemed to be playing for their more hardcore fans than for me but it was still good stuff.
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