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Ok it’s been a hectic weekend (which ended with me being very ill) so lets go back to Thursday night first -

When I got to The Rescue Rooms at 8pm Thursday night there was only about a dozen people there. But then sometimes this can be normal in the world of prog-metal.

First up were London band Haken. 6 youngsters that had plenty of skill between them. Over their 30 minutes they got in about 3 or 4 lengthy progressive metal songs which at moments were very good and at others perhaps a little less than they could be in a studio.

There was a long break before the main band but I bumped into a couple of dudes I know there and also had my honey on the phone to keep me occupied.

Over 14 years BigElf has made 4 albums but I’ve only been into them for a month or so and only have 2 of them, although I did buy another after the gig and have another on its way.

By the start the crowd had trebled and most of them converged near the stage, me included.

This band only had 4 members but have 6 instruments between them what with the vocalist having a Hammond to the right of him and a mellotron to the left which e sometimes played simultaneously. These give the songs a Deep Purple/Beatles/King Crimson vibe while the slow doomy riffs and Domon Fox’s Ozzy-ish voice gives them a Black Sabbath feeling. Certain melodies can also be reminiscent of The Beatles. They’ve also all got beards and long hair and a good sense of humour.

Songs I know they played included:-
Neuropsychopathic Eye
Pain Killers
Gravest Show On Earth
Bats In The Belfry I
Money, It's Pure Evil

The band might not have a truly new sound but they manage to mix 70’s retro rock with 90s progressive with other things thrown in when needed. Definitely a band I shall continue to have an interest in.
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