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It started Sunday night.
We were going to go to the cinema to see Couples Retreat but decided to have a night in instead. Although it turned into a bit more than that when sometime in the late evening I went to the loo for a two and ended up decorating the sink with the chicken dinner from earlier and the loo with the previous evenings meal.
Immediately after throwing up I rang Kel who was downstairs. She jokingly asked if I had ran out of loo roll and I said iiivd beeeeeh theeeeec which was traNslated as I’ve been sick.
After the initial run upstairs assessment she went back and returned with things from under my sink that I didn’t even know were there. So began Nurse Kels role of making sure I was ok and cleaning up any mess. She was brilliant, I was a dizzy aching mess.
After a few more horrible sink adventures I ended up very tired in bed although didn’t sleep very well due to the occasional urge (and sometimes) to be sick or the other.
In the morning Kel was ready to go to work but took pity on me in my state and decided to stay and look after me. This turned out to be for the best as not long after she started feeling ill and was soon sick herself.
So for almost the entire day we slept and woke and woke and slept until we found the energy to slouch downstairs and attempt to nibble bits of toasted cobs. Because I was ill I got to wear the pink dressing gown which probably helped in my recovery :)
Tuesday I was still ill but felt good enough to have a shower and nip to Tesco for some easy manageable foods. Kel left to go back to hers in the afternoon and I soldiered on for the rest of the evening (still in pink gown). I didn’t go into work for the 2nd night (I think I’ve only had about 5 days off ill in 13 years) and was still a little dodgy before bedtime, but when I woke my insides were good enough to know I should be ok from then on.
Days later and I’m still on careful food and trying to build my system back to normal. I couldn’t even finish a chicken fillet off on Wednesday but enjoyed my turkey sarnies on bread bread at work last night. Later on I will attempt potatoes, beans(_!_) and chicken before heading out to the first night of a 2 day indoor music festival thingy.

On Wednesday I did my first little poo and on Thursday I had 2 more successful trips to the loo.

I think sometimes these briefs spouts of illness can be good as a little reminder that we don’t really need as much as we (I) intake to survive. So I’m on a little heath kick for now, but let’s see how long that lasts.

Oh and apparently it wasn’t just me but a good 3 dozen or more people who attended the wedding were also ill to varying degrees. I’m sure I’m in the top 5 bad experiences though (men’s division) :)

On a slightly related note I went to see Zombieland over a week ago. As a ZomCom(with only a bit of Rom) it will get compared to Shaun Of The Dead but I think it stands alone with it’s own style and ideas. Good groanie new type Zombies, good violent action, some lovely dark comedy at every turn or 2 and a most excellent megastar cameo. I thinbk I might just end up buying it on DVD :)
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