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It was once again time for Firefest – a 2 day indoor festival of Melodic Rock.
The first day was at Nottingham Trent Uni and started shorty after 7pm with
Lost Weekend
I had seen these not-young guys support Bob Catley acoustically and UFO electrically recently.There were good melodies and a strong voice over their 30 minutes on stage.
After a 20 minute break (which is about how long it takes to queue for a drink at the small bar) and it was time for
These are a young Swedish band with a more upbeat sound and a vocalist with short hair, but that’s ok as others in the band have the hair and he had some good vocals coming out of him for 40 minutes.
While UK band Bad Habit were on we were sitting in the bar area but we could hear them. They were a little softer than the previous band but still sounded good. We were going to catch the last 15 minutes or so but they ended before we could.
The next band were always going to be the highlight.
Heat were at Firefest a year back but unfortunately their vocalist was having some extensive surgery so couldn’t make it. but the band continued with other singers and also did a few covers.
But this time the full gang of 6 were here to play 50+ minutes of their great tunes that capture the essence of classic 80s melodic rock but with the youthful vibrancy that they have. Great stuff.
I nipped to the loo before the final song so just after didn’t get to see someone we know propose to his girlfriend.
Treat were low on the Saturday lineup a few years back but this time they were headlining the Friday.These guys were around in the 80s and have plenty of good tunes to easily entertain the crowd for an hour, although we left 10 minutes before the end as Kel had had a long day.

A good start to our Melodic Rock adventure.
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