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An early start as I put on my Firefest 2009 T-shirt and we headed to Rock City.
Airrace started the day off. They were around a bit in the early 80s and had the honour of once having Jason Bonham in the band. Now a little older but still able to play 30 mins of nice melodic rock.
There were quite a few highlights of the day and The Poodles were the first. Now on their 3rd album and delivering some great hard melodic rock. Sweden sure can produce some good stuff nowdays. Just a pity that they only had 40 minutes. But then there were some more established acts on the bill like
Drive She Said
DSS are basically vocalist/guitarist Al Fritsch and keyboardist Mark Mangold with whoever they have with them at the time. This time they naturally had some good backing and I thought Al was in fine form, he does seem to have put a bit of weight on though. Kel wasn’t as keen on them as she is on the CDs (she even popped back to the car for a sit down) but I thought they were brilliant.
I only got the CDs of some bands because after learning of them due to this festival. They included a couple of nice CDs from
Romeo’s Daughter.
RD were the only band to have a female element to them (perms on guys doesn’t count). Leigh has a lovely voice and still looks fab after almost 15 years. The crowd were loving the hour of tunes from 1988 and 1993 as if they were brand new. In another universe this band are huge but in this one we can only hope they get a bigger break. Good news is they are doing a new album.
US 80s band White Sister went down so well last year that they were invited back. The bassist and the keytar player share vocals. I look forward to their first album in 20 years.
Crown Of Thorns were another highlight. In the 80s vocalist/guitarist Jean Beauvoir had a great mane of blonde hair. Time has passed and he’s now a baldy with a top hat but can still belt out a good tune. There aren’t that many black guys in melodic rock (or rock in general) so it’s good to see these guys still doing well.
Honeymoon Suite are a Canadian band. Kel wasn’t overly keen on them and they aren’t as rocking as some of the others but the odd really nice tune here and there made them go down well.
The crowd swelled a bit for F.M.. They headlined last year as reforming and have now decided to give it all another go. Now with a new young guitarist in tow they returned to Firefest and gave a performance which I think might have been better than last year (and that was pretty good). It’s rocking, melodic and soulful thanks to the nice vocals of Steve Overland.

After a bit of boogying at the rock disco downstairs we headed back home armed with some naughty takeout food.
Firefest VI was a great success (party thanks to the number of foreigners (lots of Spaniards) there I reckon) and very enjoyable once again. We’ve been promised another one next year and hopefully Kel and I will be there :)
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