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And on the Sunday we rested.
Our original plans were to go to the gym in the morning, grab a Tesco chicken for dinner, then go to the cinema. But we had been on our feet for a lot of the previous day so opted for a nice lie in instead.
We made a nice bacon & egg muffin breakfast and then early afternoon decided to give some of my house a damn good cleaning at things had been starting to clutter up over the last few weeks (and before to be honest).
5pm and we were at the cinema for Saw VI . It started out a little like the rest with a rather gory ‘game’ before heading into the main story. Hoffman is back and so is Jigsaw in flashbacks that help answer some questions that have been floating around ever since number 3. You pretty much have to have been committed to the series to appreciate them now. Although alongside the things that make sense there are an increasing number of things which seem to contradict, but then again these aren’t normal sane people (and it’s only a film) so I guess it could be ok.
For me the story still has some momentum left and this had a bit more going for it than the previous (mainly thanks to the answers within it). Let’s see if they can deliver again next October :o

After the cinema I nipped to the loo and somewhere around this time it seems that half of the press stud button of my trek trousers had fallen off. If I remained still I was ok but when I walked the zipper would slowly come down and I was in danger of trouser fallage. So hands in pockets we strolled over the road to Nandos where there was a 20 minute wait to be seated so instead we got a seat at Frankie & Bennies. As long as I didn’t stand up to quickly I was safe. We shared starters of garlic cheese bread and loaded potato skins and then had a lovely burger each (hers blue cheese and mine with bacon). We didn’t need pudding as the burger was quite filling and I had been supping a big glass of strawberry milkshake with cream on top :)
I managed to get to the car without any more wardrobe malfunctions and back home to watch a bit of telly and reminisce on another nice weekend :)
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