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Yep, I joined it. For the next year I am now a member of Nuffeild Health. There are a few reasons why I chose this one over some others in the area.
While not on my doorstep it’s only a 10 minute drive away.
I got a reduced corporate membership due to where I work. I think it was about 25% off.
It’s quieter than another one I visited. It’s smaller but maybe has a better quality of visitor (which sounds very posh of me). The main work out area is on the 2nd floor and has natural light thanks to the clear windows, however it does also have mirrored and frosted glass sections if you prefer.
The equipment seems fairly modern. It even has one of those vibrating plates although this made bits of me go blurry so I’ll be passing on that.

A month ago I also went in their swimming pool. This might seem normal to some people but due to body shape issues I haven’t been submerged in water in years. But with Kel’s support I got in the water and eventually managed to remember how to swim (it’s like riding a bike, underwater) although I was very splashy and found it quite exhausting at times. I think I’m a sinker not a floater :o

So I’m going to try and visit the place for an hour or so 2 or 3 times a week, although due to my working hours and other activities this might not always be possible. But I’ll try.
When I started I got an assessment which included weight, height (which seems to have increased by 0.25 of an inch (big hair day)) and some glucose, cholesterol and heart rate tests. Every 3 months these will be tested again and if I have improved I get a reward. So I will try and do my workouts and eat better but it can be tough to change your ways sometimes. We shall see in January if I’ve been a good boy or not :)
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