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Support came from a young band who I think were called Crave. From what others said I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised as they went through 25 minutes of their rock songs which every so often had a bit of a pop edge to them. They had good individual looks and might go on to do well, they’ve already got a gig supporting Deep Purple at a big London gig.

Gotthard have been going for 17 years and this year released their 9th studio album ‘Need To Believe’ which like the others has probably done very well in their native Switzerland as well as among the rock crowds in other countries.
I’ve seen the in Sweden, at Rock City, Rescue Rooms and now a good sized crowd at JBs in Dudley.
The 6 guys played as well as expected from this energetic melodic rock band. As with a lot of these bands sometimes it’s all down to the vocalist as to whether they are any good or not. In the vocal department Steve Lee does very well and can produce great power at times and a pleasant Coverdale type rasp at others, especially during the acoustic section.
A great 90 minutes of musical excellence from one of the best.

Then as soon as the last note was played Kel & I quickly made it to our cars (as the traffic light at JBs isn’t very fast) and then parked up in a nearby car park so we could make out a bit ;)

Set list (according to someone on the web):
Unspoken Words
Gone Too Far
Top Of The World
Need To Believe
Sister Moon
I Know You Know
Right From Wrong
Delay From Hell
Accoustic Section (Angel, Let It Be,?)
Shangri La
All We Are
I Dont Mind
The Oscar Goes To...
Lift U Up
Anytime , Anywhere
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