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Support came from Liberty Lies who area 5 piece band from Midlands. They had a good feeling to them, sometimes melodic rock and sometime a bit heavier. Kel liked them a little more than me and spent £3 of my money on an EP.

I missed Magnum on their last tour so was eager to see them on this one. I know some people that have been to multiple gigs and even though it’s the same set list each night I would probably so the same for this band if I didn’t have other commitments.

Their resurgence in this decade has produced some nice albums and Into the Valley of the Moonking sits comfortably within their output. It’s a good job I’ve got it and like it as 40% of the songs played were from it and a few more from other recent albums.
The sound for the 5 guys was good with only the bass being not as noticeable as the others. It was good to see ex-Thunder drummer Harry James with them.
After an hour they dipped into the classics starting with Les Morts Dansant and continuing with All England´s Eyes and Vigilante. The encore started off slow with the beginning of Don´t WakeThe Lion but it’s a 10 minute piece which built nicely before Kingdom Of Madness ended over 90 minutes of classic rock excellence. Tony Clarkin & Bob Catley are now in their 60s and can still perform well. I especially like Bobs vocals which at this moment I can’t compare to any one else’s. Magnum gives you a nice warm feeling. Brilliant :)

Then I went to a busy work (while Kel slept alone at mine for the first time ever)), slept, cinema and back here for feeding and internet catch up :)

Set list:
Cry To Yourself (Into the Valley of the Moonking)
Take Me To The Edge (Into the Valley of the Moonking)
Brand New Morning (Brand New Morning)
The Moonking (Into the Valley of the Moonking)
When We Were Younger (Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow)
No One Knows His Name (Into the Valley of the Moonking)
Dragons Are Real (Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow)
A Face In The Crowd (Into the Valley of the Moonking)
We All Run (Brand New Morning)
Les Morts Dansant (On A Storyteller's Night)
All My Bridges (Into the Valley of the Moonking)
All England´s Eyes (On A Storyteller's Night)
Vigilante (Vigilante)
Don´t WakeThe Lion (Wings of Heaven)
Kingdom Of Madness (Kingdom of Madness)
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