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Exciting yesterday (but not really)

The original plan was to wake at 1pm and then grab some porridge then spend 10 minutes changing the main head light in my car. After that the evening was to be spent shopping, going for a good session at the gym and then home at 4 for a bit of a kip then shower and make some pasta chicken thing using some really nice frozen pasta that I discovered recently. That should then take me up to leaving to work.

But it didn’t quite go to plan. Having a Ford Fiesta means that changing the light means taking the entire headlamp out. I got the hang of this with my previous models but with the Ghia there seems to be an annoying bit of bumper in the way of taking the lamp out.
So after some tuggage and head scratching I gave up and headed for the shops.

I had started out a bit later than planned and was now even later. It was also pAssing it down. But as I got out my car at Sainsburys I firstly cringed at the rain but then fully accepted it as I raised my head high and slowly strolled towards the shop as others ran or grimaced under umbrellas.
Turns out Sainsbos was a waste of time anyway as what I was after wasn’t there.

Then onwards to Argos to buy a new shaver for £50 (reduced from £68). With the new future Argos there are no pens just a chosen password. This time I chose ‘hairy’ which when uttered to the check out lady woman sparked a short conversation about the hairy bikers. I also got a £5 gift voucher for spending £50 which means I guess it was really worth £45l. Bargain :)

When leaving planet Argos it was still slightly raining but the sun was also out in full force. So I looked around and sure enough a lovely rainbow in the sky indicating that Wilkensons was wer the gold was (I checked and while it has had a makeover there was no gold actually on the shop floor).

By this time I knew that the time had passed to be able to go to the gym so my next step was to make it to Tesco and back before 4pm. I failed. I might have passed if I hadn’t of spent far too long looking at Crimbo cards (got to get one for Mum or she’ll be upset). I also might have passed if I had faffed around less and if my special new frozen pasta that you heat in a frying pan was there which completely threw me and made me buy a bolognese sauce instead.
The whole reason for the pasta meaty stuff was to experiment in time for Kel’s return on Friday. But half way through my shop I had bought what I thought might be a single bit of cooked chicken in a box but turned out to be 4, and I had to eat them didn’t I.
Nap time started more as meditation time and then I must have drifted off a bit as when I woke it was too far past pasta time, although I wasn’t even hungry anyway.

So the plan now is to do my work night shifts and Tuesday’s usual special fish and chip night will be replaced by a home pasta bolog sauce experiment. Wednesday will be fishy night, and Thursday possibly Subyesway :)~

So yeah, exciting :)
However (for me) Friday + a week will be most exciting indeed :)
So ends the babble!

Oh actually there is one more thing which I truly am excited by. My local 24hour (ish) Tesco is in the process of setting up 6 self checkout stations. Great for the busy dude on the run :)
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