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Jimmy Carr

I went to see Jimmy last year and was pleasantly surprised so thought I would see him again this year and drag Kel along with me. As before he went from standing to sitting at a desk and on a sofa depending on what he was talking about at the time. Some of these things also had artistic accompaniment on the screen behind him. This screen also served as the support act for the night as before Jimmy came on a few jokes were flashed on it along with bits that it demanded the audience say out loud. It was only on for 5 minutes but could have done more if it wanted too.
As before his jokes came fast and plentiful and not everything hit the funnybone, but enough did to make it enjoyable.
Jimmy often pushes the boundaries of comedy and last night was no different. You don’t go if you’re easily offended. Jimmy even mentioned himself about the inner conflict we sometimes have where we find something funny and laugh out loud and then perhaps feel a slight twinge of guilt afterwards.
Last time he did well over 2 hours while he only managed less than 1.5 this time. Maybe he’s running out of material, but then he is almost constantly touring or telling jokes on tv so that’s ok. Quite a lot of the funny bits seem to come from the audience participation anyway (a cross between heckling and question and answer sessions).

I’ll probably be back next year :)

Today we've been busy in town and visiting and lounging.
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