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Best of November 2K9

Worked a little but a lot when there and achieved great things in my days off. Been very busy at times.

Best CD of recent times purchased
Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue
The Answer – Everyday Demons
Michael Bormann - Capture The Moment
Les Claypool - Of Fungi And Foe
Dare – Arc Of The Dawn
Leverage - Circus Colossus
Living Colour - The Chair In The Doorway
Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) - Roadsinger
Stream Of Passion - Flame Within
WASP - Babylon

Good new albums from Alice In Chains (with new vocalist), The Answer (Iriah hard blues rock), Michael Bormann (German melodic rock vocalist),Leverage (Finnish melodic rock), WASP (classic 80s hard rock) and the one that stood out Living Colour - The Chair In The Doorway which I like as the band can be a little different to other rock bands out there (being all black for a start) and the songs range from hard rock to funk to soulful mellow tunes.

Best CD from ages past purchased
Bigelf – Money Machine 2001
Bigelf – Hex 2003
Dare - Beneath The Shining Water 04
Slade - Live At The BBC 1969-72
Stage Dolls - Stage Dolls 1988

Stage Dolls was better than I thought it would be with a Bryan Adams type feeling to it, but I’m loving the mellotron madness of Bigelf – Hex

Best best of CD purchased
Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits 94-09 has some decent tunes on it but I’ve always been a bigger fan of Skunk Anansie - Smashes And Trashes 1995-09

Gig of the Month
Saxon / Anvil
Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr was of course the best comedy gig (although will he stand up to any others I’ve been to this year, we shall find out in a month.

The music gigs were all really great but it was </b>Magnum</b> who moved me the most this time.

Cinema film of the Month
They are both brilliant but both also slightly flawed so both get to go through to the years final.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Film on TV
Nation Lampoon’s Barely Legal was your usual teenage boobfest with the odd genuine funny bits (pun intended) here and there. The other one was 100 Feet which started off slow and didn’t have a really good ending but did contain a most grusome death scene.

Best DVD bought
Saw V
No contest really as Star Trek XI rocks

DVD watched
The Woods
Dragonball: Evolution
The Thaw
Monster’s Vs Aliens
Chemical Wedding
End Game
When Evil Calls

The Thaw was an interesting nasty bugs film featuring Val Kilmer and a good twist but I loved Monster’s Vs Aliens. I might even have to put it on ‘The List’.

DVD rewatched
Doghouse is actually quite good and is on ‘The List’ (and thus on the Crimbo list)

Book read
If only that holiday was a little more relaxing then maybe I would have completed it.

Top purchase
The blue bath robe and swimming shorts that Kel got me pre-Crimbo for my holiday

December has 10.5 days at work, 2 gigs + 1 2.5 day music festival, oh and the best Crimbo ever :)
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