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The Answer

Black Spiders were the support band. Young mostly bearded guys from somewhere in England who played 30 + minutes of hard hitting rock often in the same kind of style as the main band, which could mean a few more supporters for them. A good band to listen to in support slots or festivals. It’s good to watch the drummer too as he thinks he’s Animal.

Not too long after and The Answer were on. I first saw them supporting Whitesnake at Rock City and then at Sweden Roc and more recently supporting AC/CD (although the sound wasn’t quite up to scratch).
Now they were at Rock City with a comfortably sized crowd that would be far too many to cram into The Rescue Rooms (which sold out on their tour earlier in the year).
This Northern Irish band is the offspring of some of those bands they supported plus maybe Thin Lizzy too. They produce songs with catchy riffs and melodies but with a hard bluesy rock backing that isn’t scared to do the odd rock ballad here and there, although still with great power to it.
Vocalist Cormac Neeson has a great voice and an occasional swagger reminiscent of The Black Crowes Chris Robinson.
Most songs came from their second album and each one wanted my feet to tap and my head to nod. The sound oddly enough wasn’t as loud as the support band, but it didn’t take much away from the feeling.
Fave track of the night for me had to be my fave track on the album, the build up ballad ‘Comfort Zone’.
Kel couldn’t make this gig as she had work commitments, but Doug took her place and enjoyed it as much as me. Hopefully The Answer will continue their greatness into a third album and a tour which I hope we can all make it to.

Set list:-
2 Tonight
2 Demon Eyes
1 Come Follow Me
2 Walkin' Mat
2 Cry Out
1 Never Too Late
2 Too Far Gone
2 Why'd You Change Your Mind
2 On and On
2 Evil Man
2 Comfort Zone
2 Dead Of The Night
1 Under the Sky
1 Keep Believing
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