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Alice In Chains

Waaay back in 1993 when I was a bouncy 18 year old I went to my 7th rock gig to see Alice In Chains on the tour of their second album ‘Dirt’. I was on the left near the front and at some point I was bouncing around so much that my glasses fell off and the world stopped for 20 seconds as someone found them on the floor and I continued perhaps a little less bouncy.
The band released one more album and some EPs and in 2002 singer Layne Staley died of an overdose.
Now 16 years after my last viewing they are back with a new vocalist and an album which I thought was a really great comeback.

They came onto the stage just after 9pm and straight into 3 great hard hitters from Dirt, these being Rain When I Die, Them Bones and Dam That River.
They continued with songs from across their albums, but the ones that got the best response were from the first 2 albums such as Love Hate Love, It Ain't Like That, We Die Young, Angry Chair and Man in the Box. Although every song got a good response from the crammed crowd at this sold out Rock City gig.

An hour in the acoustic guitars came out for a 3 song nice bit, one of which was dedicated to Layne. Then the loud tunes continued through to the final 3 of Nutshell, Would and Rooster during which I barged past the people to get a good getaway at the end.

I bet plenty of people were skeptical of the new album and tour without Layne but from the turnout and response last night the future of the band could be bright. New guy William DuVall is friendly and a lot more active than the mysterious Layne ever was. His voice might not be exactly the same as Layne’s but its close enough to give the crowds a decent Alice In Chains experience. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell always added a lot to the vocals with backing and occasional lead anyway.

The band played for just under 2 hours and the whole thing was an absolute pleasure to witness. I hope they do another album in a year or 2 and come back.

Set list:-
Rain When I Die
Them Bones
Dam That River
Lesson Learned
Check My Brain
Love Hate Love
It Ain't Like That
A Looking In View
---- Acoustic set
Your Decision
No Excuses
Black Gives Way To Blue
Acid Bubble
We Die Young
Angry Chair
Man in the Box
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