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I packed my bags and drove an hour to my Lovely then a further 2 to Pontins holiday park in Prestatyn North Wales.
We were there for Hard Rock Hell 3 which was 2.5 days of, well, hard rock. Our ‘chalet’ was a simple affair with a small living area + small kitchen, bathroom with a shower that came on for 30 seconds every time you pressed the button and a bedroom with beds that were surprisingly comfy.

After settling in we had a look around. The main building consisted of 2 big stages, a shop, an arcade, a resturant and a pub.
The theme of this special first night was The Viking Ball so there were plenty of people dressed as such. With a little more time maybe Kel & I would have joined in but it was fun enough to watch all the Viking loonies :)

There were a few bands on in the pub and first stage but the best of the bunch were classic 80s metal band Marshall Law and GMT which consisted of Bernie Torme John McCoy & Robin Guy who over the years have been in bands with Gillan and Ozzy Osbourne and so played their own versions of Mr Crowley, New Orleans and Smoke On The Water. All entertaining enough for a first night.
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