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We started out in the now quite packed pub for a hard rocking band called Voodoo Johnson then to the big stage for a young Scottish band called Logan who I had seen before and are a decent enough hard rocking band. They did a nice cover of War Pigs to entertain the crowd.

Next up were Gun who are more well known for their cover of ‘Word Up’ and some success in the 90s before splitting up. They have now reformed but with Toby Jepson (of Little Angls fame) on vocal duties. I didn’t know of much Gun stuff 10 years ago but after Fridays performance I’ll be checking them out and will see them live again if given the chance. Great stuff.

Then I went back to the 2nd stage for a repeat viewing of a band I saw in Sweden this year. It was those 5 scantly clad female metal warriors Hysterica who were sadly only on for 30 minutes but I’m sure they made some new fans with songs like Metal War, Devil In Me, Bless The Beast and We Are The Undertakers. 2nd guitarist RockZilla seemed to be missing from this line up but the younger Swedish blond lass replacement fitted in well.

I’ve seen Ratt before and while they are good live I was just into a different kind and band when younger, bands like the next one on the main stage.

Terrorvision were a great band of the 90s. Short catchy tunes that made you want to jump about. They never really split up and now get together every few years for short greatest hits type tours.
It had been 4 years since my last helping so I made sure I got a good portion this time. Front man Tony still manages to jump around non stop for an hour.

Set list:-
Discotheque Wreck
Party Over Here
Alice What's the Matter
Bad Actress
Pretend Best Friend
Some People Say
What Makes You Tick
Dog Chewed The Handle
Celebrity Hit List
D'Ya Wanna Go Faster?
My House

We then needed a sit down so went back to stage 2 for Edens Curse which has American vocalist Michael Eden performing with musicians from Scotland, Germany, England and Italy. Good AOR type stuff.

The headliners that night were Monster Magnet. I know a little of their stoner rock stuff so we listened to them while chilling out in the restaurant next door.

While MM were classed as the headliners there were still bands to play on the same stage. Kel was knackered by this time s went back to the room while I stayed up for some Finnish metal courtesy of Sonata Arctica. Due to MM overrunning they only played for 50 minutes but it was a good 50 filled with their lengthy guitar and keyboard filled tunes some from the new album The Days Of Greys which I thought were very well performed by all but especially vocalist Tony Kakko.
If I hadn’t been at HRH then I would have seen them on their own tour probably doing twice as much. I’m glad I got something though.

Set list:-
The Last Amazing Grays
As If the World Wasn't Ending
Full Moon
8th Commandment
In Black and White
Don't Say a Word
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