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The support slot on Saturday’s gig was filled by Toby Jepson. Perhaps best known for being the front man for Little Angels in the 90s and since then occasionally popping back for the odd solo album or to front other bands (Fastway and Gun).
On Saturday it was just him and his guitar as he went through 30 minutes of Little Angels material to a crowd who were there when it all happened first time. A Little Angels reunion would be great, or even him doing the stuff with a full band, but his odd solo bits and his continuing work with Gun will do for now. Nice stuff.
Set list:-
Little Angel
Kicking Up Dust
I Aint Gonna Cry
Don’t Prey For Me
Young God (Wont get Fooled again)
Too Much Too Young

It had been about the same time since I saw Welsh rockers Skin. In fact they once supported Little Angels. After a ten year break the guys are back together and might be older and with shorter hair but still in great shape and able to give a damn good show.
Guitarist Myke Grey is now buffed up after becoming a personal trainer in his years away from the band and has a personal philosophy to be the best he can be. So you know you’re bound to get a good performance from him. Vocalist Neville MacDonald’s hair might be shorter but his voice is still in top form. It’s a good classic rock voice that with the great mix allows you to hear what he’s actually singing about and sing along with the nice lyrics, I especially liked singing along to House Of Love, Money, Look But Don’t Touch, Tower Of Strength and the EMF cover Unbelievable.
The band seemed to soak up the admiration the crowd had for them. Now that Thunder have ended their music again there’s a slot for a great British rock band to fill the gap and I’m hoping Skin can do it. Looking forward to some new material and a tour next year.
dr_throb and I were going to the gig as fans already but I had dragged Kel to it too and I think they have another new fan.
Set list:-
The Only One
Spit On You
How Lucky You Are
Blow my mind
1 on 1?
House Of Love
Take Me Down To The River
Look But Don’t Touch
Tower Of Strength
Perfect Day
Shine Your Light
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