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Centre Parks

A few weeks ago now I also went for my first little holiday to CentreParcs Sherwood Forest. It’s 400 acres of land with a Subtropical Swimming Paradise, Village Square full of shops and restaurants, Jardin Des Sports (badminton courts, pool tables, café, restaurant, gym, tennis courts etc), Lakeside and Aqua Sana for the 4000+ guests to use.

I’m not sure if there were 4000 guests when we went as it was a chilly November and there didn’t always seem to be a lot of people about, which actually made the whole thing even nicer.

8 of us went. Kel and I plus 3 other couples, 1 of which contained the son of 1 of the grown ups :)
We stayed in a 4 room ‘villa’ that had en-suite bathrooms, a downstairs typical kitchen/dining room/living room area and also a sauna and hot tub. These things were handy as a lot of activities at CentreParcs can be a little costly so it’s nice to actually just chill out together on the sofas. We had a brief go in the sauna but I liked my first go in a hut tub more.

My biggest challenge there was the free Subtropical Swimming Paradise. Mainly because apart from a recent go in my gym I hadn’t been swimming or half naked in public for maybe 20 years. But with Kel’s and others support I got in there and did some swimming. Being a new novice I didn’t quite like the waves machine but did have fun on the "Grand Cascade" raft ride and easy going flumes, until one of the bigger drops took me to the bottom and took a little chunk out of my elbow (scabs are cool). The outdoor heated section of the pool was nice too, although after going in one of the Jacuzzis some found it too cold the second time, although I quite liked the nippiness myself.

Other activities included strolling around, golf driving range, pool, eating (meat pancake, burgers, steak and some home cooking too). These were all good things but I did enjoy Badminton. So much that we’ve decided to try and keep it up at our local leisure centre.

Another highlight was the Aqua Sana Spa. We had to pay about £25 each but that gave us access to a pleasant 3+ hour experience in which dressed in either swimwear or white robes we chilled out in various steam rooms of varying degrees of sweatiness or relaxation. There was also a little pool that when I looked up I could see a few stars :)

It was a nice little break. We enjoyed it so much that were definitely going back next November when the prices come down.
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