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Went to see The Descent: Part 2 at the cinema. It took a little less time for the first munch this time but still had plenty of squirm in your seat moments. The death/survival order was unpredictable and while it lacked a little of the originality the first had it’s a very worthwhile sequel with plenty of suspense and a good ending. I shall be getting the double DVD set when it comes out.

I’ve updated my phone. I went for an HTC hero. It’s a touch screen rival to the iphone with 6 little buttons and a nipple at the foot of it near its sticky out “chin”. Good things about it so far include the modern touch screen abilities, the potential apps I could download, the bigger screen to view the Internet, gmail/facebook/twitter notifications/apps, USB charger with plug adapter.
Bad things include – A calendar that isn’t as nice as the nokia one, ringtone only lasts 30 seconds (unless I can figure how to alter it), battery power (when using lots of apps), need to get used to locking the screen when not in use as when I don’t my pocket starts rubbing on it and ringing people,

On Friday a bunch of us went to Rock City in the 90s @ The Rig. The Rig is one of the smaller rooms connected to Nottingham’s Rock nightclub Rock City. On the Friday it was shut off from the main club (which was full of trendies) so it could play tunes that used to be played on the Thursday & Saturday nights back in the day. There was something for everyone including Pulp, Reef, Pantera, Blur, Skunk Anansie, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson and more. I drove down so it was lemonade all night for me, but I still had a good time and danced now and then between 2230 and 0230.
We might all be back for another go in March.

I had a bit of a Crimboish dinner a couple of weeks ago with Kel’s family (There were crackers involved) and then this Sunday just gone Kel’s family (Mum, Mum’s partner, sis, bro, nan) drove up to Nottingham and we met with my parents to go for a Crimbo dinner. I had prawn cocktail, turkey dinner and chocolate heaven mousse all for a nice price of £12.50 per head. I think everyone had a good time and they even all popped back to mine for coffee. Kel & I had done a lot of clean up the day before and her tree which is now our tree looks nice in the living room.
What with the dancing night the gig and the meal it had been a brill weekend. The only thing missing was Kel on the Friday night but I’ve got 11 nights of her staying over in the next 2 weeks so that’s cool :)
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