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A very different one to all that have gone before.

Crimbo Eve Eve I drove kel and I up to Rotherham where we visited a couple of friends of hers one who has a 10monthish old baby girl. After a couple of hours at the friends mother’s house the 5 of us went for a pleasant meal in a pub, although one of us was fast asleep because they had eaten already (and also cried at the sight of a deep voiced bearded woman, although it did take 5 minutes for her to do so).

We then popped round to my folks to exchange pressies and drove home just as it was starting to snow again. The roads were still a little icey from the last time and I had to be helped reversing onto my drive by the neighbours.

We stayed in that night, and Crimbo Eve too as it looked far too slippy and cold to be going anywhere. So we ordered a Chinese delivery and were also visited by 2 souls who were brave enough to venture out and give us an unexpected gift which turned out to be a screw a golf club together putting type thingie which I plan to have a go at in my kitchen soon.

We woke early on Crimbo and opened our gifts while wearing lounge about comfy clothes and santa hats. Kel got things including The new Europe CD, Adam Sandler/Kevin James DVDs, voucher for a hairdryer, scarf and some shared with me that included handwash set, beer, biccies and a huge bag of assorted boozey and foody items from her sister along with a nice little teapot and some tea. Yes we is becoming civilized ;p

I got:-
From Kelly
Badminton racket – which I aim to win a game with Kel some time
Digital watch – because my last one gave up
Simpsons calendar (his & hers) - Aww
Beatles calendar
Socks (Mr Perfect & Sexy Devil) - True
Kiss - Sonic Boom
Within Temptation - An Acoustic Night At the Theatre

Me Ma&Pa
Bon Jovi - The Circle
Wolverine (X-Men Origins)

Me Brother
Creed Full Circle
The Hangover
Inglorious Basterds

Kels Mum
Megadeth - Endgame
Muse - The Resistance
Pearl Jam - Backspacer

We had a breakfast of bacon and eggs before settling down to watch The Hangover while we cooked our very first whole chicken (when I say we I of course mean SuperKel). We did make a little bit of a mistake which lead to invisible smoke blinding us for 2 hours but the end result was perfect. I lovely golden bird with succulent meat to go with our traditional Sunday dinner type meal (no pigs in blankets or sprouts here).
It was then time for telly as I watched the penultimate Tennent Dr Who while Kel had a nap and then we watched Corrie, EatEnders, The Royle Family (best thing on again), Gavin & Stacey, and Catherine tate’s Nan is Scrooge thing.
I drank some beer and some JD and coke and generally felt bloated and content.
Boxing day we went to see my folks for 3+ hours along with my bro and his girlfriend. Very nice food was involved including Mu’s yummy chocolate log which made me sleepy.
So I went home and had a nap before going to work and Kel headed back to where she lives when not with me, but she’ll be back on Monday for another 5 nights.
We survived our first Crimbo with not too many tears and tantrums :)
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