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Wales. Meals with family, my (our) friends, her friends. Crimbo. Fun.

Best CD of recent times purchased
Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot
Jarvis Cocker - Further Complications
Newton Faulkner - Rebuilt By Humans
Foreigner – Can’t Slow Down
Leaves' Eyes – Njord
Arjen Lucassen's Guilt Machine - On This Perfect Day
Lynch Mob - Smoke And Mirrors
Lynyrd Skynyrd - God & Guns
Seven Day Hunt - File This Dream
Shadow Gallery – Digital Ghosts
Sonata Arctica - The Days Of Grays
Sylvan - Force Of Gravity

Good ones from Arjen Lucassen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sonata Arctica, Chickenfoot and I especially liked Sylvan - Force Of Gravity and very very much liked Foreigner – Can’t Slow Down who are brill on CD and live with their new singer & Shadow Gallery – Digital Ghosts who also have a new singer after the death of Mike Baker who makes them sound a little more like Queensrychw, but as ever they can keep producing excellent progressive metal albums with great melody and strong musical abilities.

Best CD from ages past purchased
Sad Café - Fanx Ta Ra 1977
Sad Café - Misplaced Ideals 1978
Sad Café - Façades 1979
Sad Café - Sad Café 1980
Sad Café - Olé 1981
System Of A Down - Steal This Album! 2002

All the SC albums have good bits but Sad Café – Façades (1979) has a little more mature sound and contains Everyday Hurts.

Best best of CD purchased
Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits 1974-95

Gig of the Month
Hard Rock Hell III – GMT, Logan, Gun, Hysterica, Ratt, Terrorvision, Eden’s Curse, Sonata Artica, Girlschool, Tigertailz, Quireboys, Wasp, Queensyche, New York Dolls
Skin + Toby Jepson

HRH was a nice weekend. I especially liked Gun, Hysterica, Terrorvision, Sonata Artica and Wasp. But it was great to see Skin back and on really great form.

Cinema film of the Month
The Decent: Part 2
Sherlock Holmes - which I haven't seen yet but I bet I will enjoy it.

Film on TV
How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

Liam Neeson was great in Taken.

Rewatched Film on TV
Over The Hedge is a cute film but Get Smart is Carrelly funny :)

Best DVD bought
The Hangover
Inglorious Basterds
Wolverine (X-Men Origins)

Well they were all on my Crimbo list to Santa because I like them all. I’m not going to let me pick my favourtie child (although larfing is good so I might pick The Hangover.

DVD watched
Law Abiding Citizen
Kung Fu Panda
Zombie Transfusion
The Marsh
One Missed Call

Mirrors ended up being a little silly but was still good creepy nasty thing in mirrors fun. Kung Fu Panda was good too.

DVD rewatched
The Hangover
Inglorious Basterds

Book read
I’ve got a few days left but I don’t think I’ll finish it in time :/

Top purchase
My HTC hero phone mainy because even though it’s currently a bit fiddly and not as easy to make calls as my previous phone I am learning new wonderful things about it each day. Kel jokes that at the moment I touch it more than her.

Januray has 14 days at work, 0 gigs but 1 birthday :)
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