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Where was I?

Christmas had passed and I went back to work for a couple of nights. Then for the week after K was back up here will chilled out mostly indoors thanks to the rather dodgy weather.

For new year K drove us to a friends house where we ate, drank did a quiz created by our host (which my team won) and had a merry time and apart from when we were all young, crazy and more single it was one of the best New Years ever.

I was back to work on New Years Day. But K had stayed over and at dinnertime drove to my work with jacket potatoes and tuna mayo. As only 2 of the four people in the building we had a nice dinner in the empty canteen :)
That night I watched the last ever D.T. Dr Who and I have to say my eyes did glisten over a little bit. But now I’m looking forward to M.S. Dr Who. I’ve already accepted the change and can’t wait to see what’s waiting.

After 2 more day shifts I then had some free time. So amongst the cleaning and telly catchup I went to watch Sherlock Holmes at the cinema. I was a fan of the Holmes I had seen on TV (Jeremy Brett being my Holmes) and enjoyed some of the short stories I’ve read. With all these influences on me including Guy Ritchies other films I have to say I did enjoy it. Good performances and good settings and styles including a bit of action here and there. I can see why some might not like RDJ in the role but I liked him as the crazy genius. Quite a lot of films have to have a love interest in them and I though it was a good idea to have Irene Adler in this (who even though is only in 1 tale is still memorable) and not have it as a usual love story as such. Good entertaining fun. Looking forward to number 2.

I also went to see 44 Inch Chest at the cinema. It had a good cast including Ray Winstone, John Hurt, Ian McShane and Tom Wilkinson. Written by the same guys as Sexy Beast but in a very different vein I think. There’s still a lot of swearing and plenty of dialogue. In fact it’s really all about the script as there aren’t a lot of locations or big stunts. It’s not a patch on Sexy Beast but does have a bit of interest about it. An odd film that is nothing like a lot of people think it might be. More like a play with the record for the number of time the c word is used.

When K came up one weekend she wanted to do Body Pump at my gym, and I joined her to see what it was all about. There was only about 8 people there possible due to it being just after New Year and still being very snowy. The hour routine involved a bar with weights on it which would be lifted up either slowly or with more vigour to work various muscles around the body. Being a newbie I was quite often a step behind the others but this was ok even if on quite a few moments when not grimacing with the pain I was chuckling to myself. If I went again I might even up the weights a bit.
After that we went to play badminton with the racquet K got me for Crimbo. I want to play again soon, maybe even doubles with another couple who we know also Badmin now and then.

K is very slowly moving in. She still mainly lives and works 50 miles away but I get her on occasional Tuesdays, Sundays, weekends and random other days. She has suggestions on things to change and I’ve agreed to everything so far including some nice gothic art in the livingroom and the moving of a CD cabinet downstairs to incorporate my old bed and a new wardrobe in the 2nd bedroom. She’s also added a good solid kitchen table and chairs, a blender (for fruity smoothies) and various other little bits.

One thing we’ve bought together is a new bed. A SUPER KING size (6’ x 6’6”) beast that just about fits in the bedroom. The size together with the memory foam means that we are having the best nights sleep. We can’ always even tell anymore when the other gets up. We’ve not had it long but I’m hoping it does us some real good.

Something which can now occur is having guests in the 2nd bedroom. K’s sister was the last to stay in there on the old small sofa bed thing. She popped up on a Friday and we went to TGI Fridays and then as it was a bit nippy we went back home and chilled out. On the Saturday we were going to show her Bestwood Lodge but it was too rainy. But with what were doing to the house she and possibly others would possible feel more welcome at Chez Baggy.

It wasn’t until the 12th that I realised that I had missed 3 binary dates already (01/01/10 - 10/01/10 - 11/01/10). But I’m not worried as I’ve 6 more to look forward to the rest of the year (starting on 01/10/10).

We’ve been trying to think of better food lately, something more healthy. We don’t do too bad but it’s good to learn more. My most recent thing is making my own chips using potatoes that are cut, boiled and then oven cooked in some light spray. Lovely :)

Then it was my birthday ...
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