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Nik Kershaw

Back in 1984 Nik burst onto the scene with nice keyboady pop tunes. After the success in the 80s he disappeared for a decade and remerged 10 years ago. His latest album is a reworking of his songs in a stripped style with Nik switching the keyboards for acoustic guitar.

Last night was a little like the live version of this album. Just Nik, his guitar and for a few songs a loop station to add a bit of extra rhythm to things.

The songs were well split across his 80s and 00s material with some of the newer ones being worthy of standing alongside the old ones but of course the best were always going to be the classic favorites of

Don Quixote, The Riddle (including the audience joining in by whistling the tune while Nik played guitar) and Dancing Girls in the first 45 minutes and then after a break he continued for an hour to include Wouldn't It Be Good, I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, and Human Racing. Also included were the song he wrote for Chesney Hawkes – The One & Only and a Stevie Wonder cover of I Wish.

It would have been ace to see him with a full band but this alternative arrangement was very pleasant and another classic name to tick off my list (not that I have a list with many names still on it but I do keep adding to it when I see others who deserve to be on it.

Set list:
Oh You Beautiful Thing
Wide Boy
Take Me to the Church
Don Quixote
Somebody Loves You
The Riddle Whistle
Dancing Girls
One & Only
Have A Nice Life
Wouldn't It Be Good
Loud, Confident & Wrong
I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
Human Racing
I Wish
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