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Europe were another band who were big in the 80s and then disappeared during the 90s only to return still strong last decade.
Their new album Last Look At Eden is a very good rock album and the songs played from it last night went down well especially Last Look At Eden, Gonna Get Ready and nice one New Love in Town.
The band were on fine form as they played songs from the last 27 years but of course the best ones came from their classic 1986 album these being a nice version of Carrie and great rock tunes Cherokee (Kels fave), Rock The Night (my fave) and of course to finish was doo-doo-doo-doo The Final Countdown.

I first saw them headline Sweden a few years back but had to leave before the famous song. The last year at Sweden they were just under the headliners so I finally got to hear it but was very tired and cold. But this third time I got really close and heard and saw everything. Good gig :)

Oh and it was my first time in the new Birmingham O2 Academy and it gets the thumbs up from me :)
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