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I went to see some Netball yesterday. You could say I dragged myself there. K is a netball fan both in playing (Goal Attack or something like that) and watching. So yesterday I went with her to check out what all the fuss is about.
This game was the 2nd of 3 that England Vs Australia were playing over the weekend. It was at Nottingham Arena which apart from when I saw Lionel Richie had the most women over men ratio ever. I think it might be fair to say that I looked the most out of place there and had the longest beard (although that woman 2 rows up came close ;p).

The game was split into 15 minutes quarters and the pace was very quick. I’m not too up on the rules of the game but K helped me when possible and the rest of the time I probably just had a confused look on my face. I wouldn’t say I was ecstatic about it but when the scores got close it did get a little exciting.
I wouldn’t go to every game with K but if something like this occurred every so often then I’ll show my support. She might want me to go to a 2 day thing in Manchester but if I do go I think I would probably spend a bit of time in the bar reading and go into the arena when England play. I would mainly go just so she’s got someone to cuddle afterwards :)

Oh yeah and the Aussies won 54 to 47 or something close to it :)
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