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I was feeling a little blah before heading out to Rock City but I perked up a bit after getting some live music in my ears.

Now on their 2nd album the Noisettes consist of the core unit of Shingai Shoniwa (of Zimbabwean descent) on vocals and occasional bass plus a guitarist and drummer. Last night they were accompanied by a bassist and backing vocalist.

Shingai was dressed as glamorous as always and with a banana in her hair (that’s fashion for ya). Judging from the often animal type drumming the drummer is the same guy as always but is sadly missing the big mound of hair seen on the videos and albums.

The band started in a mellow mode with Sometimes before Shingai strapped on her bass for Wild Young Hearts followed by 24 Hours, Saturday Night and a new song.
They seemed to play almost everything off the new album including of course Don't Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go) which rather surprisingly came in the middle of the set. Afterwards the band did a bit of instrumental work while Shingai had another costume change.
The last half commenced with covers of Pure Imagination (from Willy Wonka) and a nice slowed down version of Chain Reaction.
The tunes continued through to 11pm including Never Forget You which had Shingai venture out into the crowd and Atticus which had her risking life and limb bent backwards over the balcony railings, something I’ve never seen done before at Rock City.
An upbeat song that had something to do with shaking ended the 90 minutes of easy going pleasantness.
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