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Err! I've been working, going to the gym, seeing K and going to an occasional gig.

Best CD of recent times purchased
Black Crowes – Before The Frost
Delain – Lucidity
Delain - April Rain
Edguy –Tinnitus Sanctus
Newton Faulkner – Hand Built By Robots
Newton Faulkner – Rebuilt By Humans
Flight Of The Conchords - Flight Of The Conchords
Magic Pie - Circus of Life
Magma - Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré
Manimal - The Darkest Room
Mr Big - Back To Budokan

I’m liking Delain - the newest female fronted symphonic rock band from the Netherlands and the second from Magic Pie –Prog rock from Norway.
But still going strong are Black Crowes – Before The Frost. It becomes even better when you find out that the album was recording in front of a live audience. It’s possible there might be some overdubs, but still its full of great vocal harmony and groovy guitaring. There’s even a disco song.

Best CD from ages past purchased
I was told to buy Jobriath - Creatures Of The Street by my Classic Rock magazine. It’s 1974 and he’s a cross between David Bowie and the Scissor Sisters. It’s actually a lot better than I thought it might be. A few lesser tracks but there’s something about it.

Best best of CD purchased
Graham Nash - Reflections 1967-2007 3 CD
Night Ranger – Greatest Hits
Nightwing - Nightwing '79-'86

Nightwing are a nice hidden 80s rock gem (not to soft, not too hard, nice tunes) but I adore the 3 CD history that is Graham Nash – Reflections. Such a easy calming voice and some memorable songs through the decades.

Gig of the Month
Nik Kershaw

Europe were on great rockin’ form. Closest I’ve been during the 3 times I’ve seen them too. Worth the travel to Birmingham.

Cinema film of the Month
The Wolfman was enjoyable, especially as the wolfymen looked like the one in the 1940s version :)
But Daybreakers was a vampire film with a difference in that the fangs were in charge of the world and humans were the ones in the minority. Nice stuff from Hawke & Dafoe.

Film on TV
The Bucket List
In Dreams
Charlie Wilson's War
Role Models

Role Models was another of those films that had plenty of naughty humour alongside a morality story.

Rewatched Film on TV
I thought The Hills Have Eyes (2006) was a very worthy remake.

DVD watched
Joyride 2: Dead Ahead
Blood & Bones
I Know Who Killed Me
The Tattooist
Couples Retreat
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Alone In The Dark 2

The Tattooist was more interesting than I thought it would be (violent Samoan ink spirit ghost story type stuff).
Repo! The Genetic Opera was quite bizarre but entertaining. Anthony Stewart Head sounded great as did Sarah Brightman.
I watched Couples Retreat with K and while it was like plenty of other Vince Vaughn films it did have plenty of laughs in there to keep it entertaining. "Encouragement!"

Book read
If I don't by the end of next month then you can all have a £1 each :)

Top purchase
Superkingsize deep fitted bed sheet

March has 15 days at work, 4 gigs some rock nightclub dancing and a day away
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