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Daryl Hall & John Oates - Live At The Troubadour - 2008 - 2CDs & DVD of pop perfection performed in LA.
Hardline - Leaving The End Open - 2009 – The brothers Gioeli returns for a 3rd album of great melodic hard rock.
The Hooters - Best of the Best: Definitive Collection - 1983-93 – US band most famous for Satellite.
Hue And Cry - The Collection - 1987-89 - Scottish band most famous for Labour Of Love

Timothy B. Schmit - Expando - 5th solo albm from the bassist of The Eagles

Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da 2009 – 6th from the German rock band with German vocals.
Redemption - Snowfall On Judgment Day 2009 – 4th from progressive metal band comprised of past and current members of Fates Warning and Prymary.
Reel Big Fish - Fame, Fortune And Fornication - 2009 – Ska punk band. I’m buying this one as it’s an album of covers including songs from Poison, Slade, Van Morrison, Eagles, Tom Petty.
Rose Royce - Car Wash - Best Of - Groovy soul.

Sensory Lullabies (Jellyfish tribute) - 2007 – All 22 songs from their 2 albums plus 13 extra tracks of theirs covered by bands I’ve never heard of.
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall - 1979
Michael Jackson - Thriller - 1982
Michael Jackson - Number Ones
Michael Jackson - The Essential
Jobriath - Creatures Of The Streets - 1974 – Glam rock
Grace Jones - The Masters Collection - 1977-82 - Scary lady.
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