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Lee Mack

Warm up for my first comedy gig of the year came from a guy called Simon Evans. A well spoken little eyes guy who for 30 minutes did a good routine with plenty of gags. (you know, a bit like wot comedians do and all that).

I’m a fan of the BBC series Not Going Out and it’s writer and star Lee Mack so got tickets for K and I to go see his Going Out show at the Concert Hall. I had watched a DVD of one of his previous tours and it was funny enough to know it would be a good gig but Thursday night turned out to be even better than I had hoped. Some of this was partly down to some of the responses he got from the audience when trying to get feed lines for his gags, such as a guy saying he had never changed a light bulb when he was supposed to say he had and another saying his favourite music was eclectic. Lee’s annoyed shouty sarcastic northerner persona fits him well and helps reduce the packed out hall into fits of laughter. A good mix of clever word play and silly stuff helped make it be a memorable one (as memorable as comedy gigs can be as more often than not you remember if you’ve had a good time or not but not any of the gags themselves).
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