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SRF update

BILLY IDOL (UK) – He was great when I saw him and his band a few years back.
PENDRAGON (UK) – Neo-progressive band that I never got the chance to see.
GARY MOORE (UK) – Apparently playing some of his pre blues stuff so should be a good one.
AEROSMITH (US) – With Steve Taylor (hopefully).
GUNS N ROSES (US) – Axl will probably come on far too late and I’ll be in bed at the hotel.
QUIREBOYS (UK) – Good time Faces style rock. They might even be doing an additional acoustic set.
BLACKBERRY SMOKE (US) – Southern rock, which is always enjoyable.
MASTODON (US) - New Wave of American Heavy Metal.
U.D.O. (GER) - Former Accept vocalist Udo Dirkschneider back again.
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