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Newton Faulkner

Support came from Charlotte O'Connor a young (about 18 I think) singer/songwriter from Blackburn. She was backed by a percussionist who had a cymbal and a whackity board and an additional acoustic guitarist who sometimes switched to lead player when Charlotte was more focused on the vocals.
She had a strong voice and a nice persona which had her giggling at herself when her whistling solo went wrong and chuckling when a cable laying guy was crouch lurching in front of her as she introduced a song.
I set my criteria for someone being good last night with the level of if they were playing in a pub would you stay, the answer was of course yes.

After a 25 minute break it was Newton Faulkner time (real name Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner).
The stage set was fairly simple as it was mainly just him and his acoustic guitar. He plays in an interesting style which involves him rhythmically tapping and hitting the guitar's body and finger-picking. This together with his ginger beard and dreadlock looks makes him stand out from a lot of other acoustic guitar singers.
On CD his music is somewhat mellow but with plenty of catchy melodies. Some listening to the CD might think that the live experience might be a bit too mellow, but certainly my guests (Kel and my parents) found it to be far more entertaining than they had hoped. Most of this is down to the talent of the man himself and also his pleasant sense of humour and him giving an overview of his extra stage set up which included pedals to trigger off other sounds, and at one point even sound and vision of him playing backing recorder and backing vocals.
His 2007 album ‘Hand Built by Robots’ went to number 1, his recent album ‘Rebuilt by Humans’ at number 3 and the concert hall looked very filled out, yet still there are many who don’t know who he is until you mention the dreadlocks.
Songs came from his 2 albums including his version of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" with the addition of a solo cover of Bohemian Rhapsody to end the 110 minutes with the nice gingerdreaded chap.

At 25 he’s got plenty of time to do lots more music if he has it in him and after last night I’ll try and catch him again if given the chance.
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