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It was an early door gig and when I got to the Rescue Rooms on Friday the 2nd support act White Wizard were on stage giving it some 80s classic UK metal feeling even though they’re from America. They were a great opener band who I shall look out for in the future.

I was feeling a little snotted up and didn’t have my earplugs so didn’t venture into the fun sweaty part but found a good place near the back where I could see most of the stage fairly well. I stayed put there apart from when I kindly opened the door so White Wizard could get their equipment out the building.

Just before 8:30 Edguy started their set with 2 songs from their new album Tinnitus Sanctus. Only 1 other song came from this album which was a little bit of a shame as I quite like it, but then sometimes it’s also good to hear the other songs, especially if the only other time you’ve seen them is during a support slot for another band a couple of years back.
With the exception of one song they all came from the most recent 4 albums rather than the first 4.

The band were on fine form and in good spirits with vocalist Tobias Sammet being his usual cheeky good humoured self (Germans are allowed now ya know). At one point he announced that the next song was about getting rid of pubic hair and was called Shave Me, of course the song was actually Save Me, but I can’t help wondering what the other version could be like :)

A most enjoyable 90 minutes of good hard rock metal that the Germans seem to be good at.

Set list:-
Dead or Rock
Tears of a Mandrake
Lavatory Love Machine
Vain Glory Opera
The Piper Never Dies
Ministry of Saints
Drum Solo
Save Me
Fucking with Fire (Hair Force One)
King of Fools
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