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Achilla are described as with a base in the female fronted gothic symphonic metal genre but with an added element of progressive metal instrumentation. As expected the multicultural band of Spanish keyboards, Greek bass and Italian guitars/drums were technically proficient, but the vocals from Hungarian frontwoman Martamaria weren’t quite up to scratch last night. I’m guessing that they might be great on their album as it’s had really shining reviews.

A short break later and Delain were on the small stage downstairs in Rock City. I’m wondering if their popularity is a lot greater in the Netherlands.
Initially they were a one off project by ex-Within Temptation keyboard player with vocalist Charlotte and special guests and are now a proper band.
They have a new touring bassist who had a fine head of curly long hair. On occasions he and the guitarist would rise themselves up a further foot so they could look cool and look over the hears of the small crowd.
The band were good and the vocals were too, although at times they were a little low in the mix. Often prerecorded backing vocals were kicked in, possibly by the keyboard player. Slightly cheating, but it did make it sound better so that’s ok.
They played a good mix of songs from their 2 albums with The Gathering being a crowd favourite. I think it was after this song that confetti bits were blown down over the audience, there were also 2 jets of smoke blasted out every so often which is very brave for such a small stage.
The 90 minute set ended with long silver ribbons blasted over the crowd.
A good gig, especially for only £10. I’m not sure how the band will fair against the other female fronted symphonic metal bands out there but it was good to see them.
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