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Angel - An Anthology - 70s USA glam band.
Acoustic Ladyland - Living With A Tiger - Crazy jazz. 2009
Airbourne – Runnin' Wild 2007
Airbourne – No Guts, No Glory - Australian hard rock. 2010
Amberian Dawn - The Clouds Of The Northland Thunder - Female fronted Finnish symphonic power metal. 2009
At Vance - Ride The Sky German power metal/Neo-classical metal band. 2009

Robin Beck – Trouble Or Nothin’ - 1989 - Female singer a bit like Pat Benetar probably.
Blackfield - Live In NYC - Collaboratory musical group between Porcupine Tree founder and lead singer Steven Wilson and Israeli rock singer Aviv Geffen. Includes a DVD. 2007
Blind Melon - For My Friends - 2008 album with a new singer who isn’t with them anymore.
Stan Bush - In This Life - AOR. 2007

Chicory Tip - Son Of My Father - had a one hit wonder with Son Of My Father. 1972

Quireboys - Halfpenny Dancer Acoustic reworking of tracks plus a few new ones. 2009

Wig Wam - Non Stop Rock and Roll Norwegian rock 2009
Winger - Khama - Kip Winger, Reb Beach & Rod Morgenstien are back with their 5th album in 21 years 2009

Wall-E - Just so cute really.
Watchmen - A cult classic
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