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The usual. A week of Gym, 2 week of work and the rest split between K chilling and telly.

Best CD of recent times purchased
Acoustic Ladyland - Living With A Tiger
Airbourne – No Guts, No Glory
At Vance - Ride The Sky
Blind Melon - For My Friends
Hardline - Leaving The End Open
Sensory Lullabies (Jellyfish tribute)
Quireboys - Halfpenny Dancer
Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da
Redemption - Snowfall On Judgment Day
Reel Big Fish - Fame, Fortune And Fornication
Timothy B. Schmit - Expando
Wig Wam - Non Stop Rock and Roll
Winger - Khama

Nice ones from Airbourne, At Vance, Blind Melon, Wig Wam and the Jellyfish tribute.
Redemption - Snowfall On Judgment Day deserve special credit for interesting progressive metal but those crazy Germans have made another interesting album with Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da. I especially like Pussy.

Best CD from ages past purchased
Airbourne – Runnin' Wild 2007
Robin Beck – Trouble Or Nothin’ 1989
Blackfield - Live In NYC 2007
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall 1979
Michael Jackson - Thriller 1982

I can see why Thriller sold a lot but Robin Beck is great 80s style well shiny produced female voiced rock and Airbourne – Runnin' Wild just plain rock like the spawns of AC/DC that they are.

Best best of CD purchased
Angel - An Anthology
Chicory Tip - Son Of My Father
The Hooters - Best of the Best: Definitive Collection 1983-93
Hue And Cry - The Collection 1987-89
Michael Jackson - Number Ones
Michael Jackson - The Essential

I’m glad I finally got round to getting some of70s American glamish rock Angel whose anthology comes close to rock with a bit of folk (thanks to the mandolin and accordion) band The Hooters - Best of the Best: Definitive Collection 1983-93

Gig of the Month
Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner because it was far better than I had hoped. The other 2 were good but I knew what to expect from them. Newton is a great acoustic talent.

Cinema film of the Month
Alice In Wonderland looked wonderful but was missing a certain je ne sais quoi. The Crazies was a very different type of film which kept me hooked throughout. There were even some rather shocking scenes.

Film on TV
Red Belt
Into the Blue
I Love You, Man

We both enjoyed the humour in I Love You, Man mainly thanks to the tried and tested new wave comedy actors Paul Rudd and Jason Segal who along with a good supporting cast who know how to do funny & charming.

Rewatched Film on TV
Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead

Best DVD bought

DVD rewatched
Step Brothers
Both good in their own way.

DVD watched
13 Hours In A Wherehouse
The Boat That Rocked
From Paris With Love
Road Trip 2 – Beer Pong
Soriety Row
Everything Is Illuninated
Shutter Island
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Everything Is Illuminated was odd, funny, touching, a bit foreign (Ukraine) and starred the brilliant Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello (oh and Elijah Wood). A great bit of differnceness :)

Book bought
America unchained by Dave Gorman

Book read
Cronenberg On Cronenberg – Edited parts of interviews with the man between 1984-1993. I READ A BOOK. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAH :)

Top purchase
Dog toothpaste cap to make it look like a little dog is puking up my toothpaste :)

April has 16 days at work, 2 (or maybe 3, 4 or 5) gigs and some bonus money :)
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