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If I had got there earlier then I would have seen Furyon & Airrace. But the new Dr Who was on and I had to see it so unfortunately missed them. But I think Furyon might be back and I have seen Airrace do a longer set last year.
K was supposed to be joining me at this gig but due to an ankle sprain she couldn’t make it. If she had I would have got to the gig for the first band as it’s what she would have wanted.
Originally the bands were to play at Rock City but were moved to The Rescue Rooms either due to poor ticket sales if they were due to play the main hall or good sales if they were due to play The Basement.

I last saw Winger 4 years ago as part of FireFest where they had a few technical problems and time constraints but on Saturday night they had their 75 minutes and stuck to it. It doesn’t sound like a lot of time but they did keep the chat down to a minimum. Although there were also a few lengthy solos, but with a guitarist like Reb Beach that’s not a bad thing. How strange for him after playing arenas with Whitesnake to now be playing smaller places.
Reb, drummer Rod Morgenstein and the other fella performed great as equals to Kip Winger. The sound was good enough as they went through songs from their 5 albums including the new album ‘Khama’ which is a damn fine album and seems a touch heavier than some of the old material.
It’s a shame they couldn’t get a bigger audience as they are a lot better than others that do get the crowds in. I’m looking forward t seeing them again in 2 months in Sweden :)

Set list
Pull Me Under
Blind Revolution Mad
Easy Come Easy Go
Stone Cold Killer
Rainbow In The Rose
Deal With The Devil
Down Incognito
Your Great Escape
Headed For A Heartbreak
Can´t Get Enuff
Miles Away
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