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Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee introduced himself and did 5 minutes on how his smoke machine entrance was rubbish and something about Robin Hood just for us Nottingham people :)

He then introduced Simon Munnery who has also been on the circuit for quite a while and gave us a little song about Wetherspoon pubs and did a very easy going 30 minutes with plenty of witty moments throughout.

20 minutes later and it was time for Mr Lees show entitles ‘If You Prefer A Milder Comedian Please Ask For One’. He said it should take about 1 hour 20 minutes but ended up going 15 minutes over that possibly due to certain responses he got from the audience.
He began talking about a real pirate (peg-legged rum-swilling yo-ho-ho beardy proper 17th century type one) he took to a children's pirate adventure playground. He then went on about his Café Nero card which involved a bit of a prop. It’s strange that for all the things he said one thing which unexpectedly got a laugh was him scraping microphone over a cardboard picture, but part of me thinks that Stu knows about these ways into humour. I remember another show he did where he got the whole audience laughing at absolutely nothing.

He’s not a mainstream comedian. In fact he challenges it by taking the mick out of Michael McIntyre and Mock The Week. You probably wouldn’t find him on those shows, he wouldn’t fit in and people wouldn’t really get him.
His humour isn’t always instantaneous, it takes time to sit and stew before erupting like an underwater volcano that could blow comedy smoke that will stay in the skies of your brain for a while.

One 30 minute eruption came from his hatred for Top Gear and especially Richard Hammond. The laughter from the audience was often uncomfortable but even when Stew was being most spiteful there was an underlying clever satire.
His last main section concerned the Magner’s cider advertising slogan and which he claimed his family invented and had him coming among the audience for a non microphone shouty rant which also took him onto the 1st tier. Manic controlled choas.

He ended the gig in a rather calmed way by singing a song by Steve Earle on his acoustic guitar with violin accompaniment. With a final few laughs thrown in of course.

After that it was all over and he quickly ran past the audience to take a seat outside so he could chat with the public.

Stewart Lee once the nations 41st favorite comedian and now the 12th. I’m glad he’s going up the list but I don’t think it’s a safe thing for the nation. But all the best comedians are dangerous and not at all mild :)
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