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Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back - Cover versions of twelve songs by various artists, using only orchestra and voice. The extra concept being that those artists cover have to cover a Peter Gabriel song 2009
David Gilmour - Live In Gdansk - tracks from Floyd and his solo album (2CD) 2008
Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple - New wave soul pop - 2008
Gomez - A New Tide - Indie rock pop band with a retro feel 2009
Lou Gramm - Lou Gramm Band Return of the Foreigner vocalist 2009
GrimmStine - GrimmStine - International band with Steve Grimmett on vocals 2008
Guillemots – Red - Quirky melodic indie band 2008

Genesis - From Genesis To Revelation - The first one 1969
Genius - Episode 3: The Final Surprise – Power metal rock opera -Featuring vocals from DC Cooper (Silent Force, ex-Royal Hunt), Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation), Jorn Lande (ex-Masterplan), Andrea Datwyler (Lunatica), Toby Hitchcock (Pride Of Lions), Eric Martin (Mr.Big) and Phillip Bynoe (Ring Of Fire) 2007
Gnarls Barkley - St Elsewhere - 2006
Gowan - Strange Animal - Current vocalist for Styx 1985
GPS – Window To The Soul - John Payne ex-Asia band with the other guys who were also in Asia before the original lineup nabbed it back. 2006
Grand Prix – Grand Prix - 1980 UK NWOBHM more like Journey
Guns 'N' Roses - Lies - Live plus acoustic tracks. Not great but it does have Patience and Used To love Her on it 1989

Gun – The Collection - Rockin’ Scottish band
Gillan - Unchain Your Brain: The Best Of Gillan - Deep Purple vocalist '76-'82 (2CD)
Gomez - Five Men In A Hut: A's, B's And Rarities - 1998-2004
Goons - Unchained Melodies: The Complete Recordings - 1955-78
The Grateful Dead - The Very Best Of Grateful Dead -
Gravy Train - Strength Of A Dream: Anthology - 70s UK prog 1970-74
Great White - Greatest Hits: Great White - US hard rock
Guess Who - Best Of - Classic Canadian band

FM – Metroposis - UK melodic rock band I’m seeing in May
Gary Moore - Out in the Fields: the Very Best of Gary Moore 1982-1994
Treat - Coup de Grace - Swedish melodic rock

Get Smart Again - It was a couple of quid from Morrisons :)
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