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Bloody volcano made me work loads :( But it has allowed me extra days off next month :)
We also celebrated a year of Kel and I in official togetherness :)

Best CD of recent times purchased
Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back 2009
Gomez - A New Tide
Lou Gramm - Lou Gramm Band
GrimmStine - GrimmStine
Guillemots – Red

Mr Gabriels stuff is nice but this experimentaion doesn’t always hit my mark. Guillemots are nice. Lou Gramm is good but would be better if it wasn’t as religious.
But back again are Gomez - A New Tide thanks to its somewhat retro feel and them having 2 different voices sharing the songs, sometimes together but often apart. There’s the smooth one of Ian Bell and the one that I think often defines the band the husky blues belonging to Ben Otterway who is great on tracks like Little Pieces (which was used in a Grey’s Anatomy episode) and Lost Track which I think shows the influence that Nick Drake had on him.
As the years pass I adore this band more and more.

Best CD from ages past purchased
Stan Bush - In This Life
Fates Warning - Inside Out
Genesis - From Genesis To Revelation

Stan is nice OAR which I sometimes go far but not when against a clever progressive metal but not always really heavy and sometimes a bit like Queensryche Fates Warning - Inside Out .

Best best of CD purchased
Chicory Tip – The Singles Collection
D-A-D - Good Clean Family Entertainment You Can Trust 1985-95
Gun – The Collection
Gillan - Unchain Your Brain: The Best Of Gillan '76-'82
Grateful Dead - The Very Best Of Grateful Dead
Guess Who - Best Of
Mother’s Finest - The Best of Mother's Finest: Not Yer Mothers Funk
Y&T - Best Of '81 To '85

I was impressed with the output from Gun and am surprised they didn’t have more success.
I knew 1 song from Guess Who - Best Of (that being American Woman) but now know a lot more. I never knew that Randy Bachman was in the band but now I do it makes sense.

Gig of the Month
Stewart Lee is quite unique and very interesting but Dara O’Briain had me laughing more.

The only music gig I saw was Winger and they were good.

Cinema film of the Month
Clash Of The Titans was quite effects laden and had moments of glory but ultimately fell a little flat.
Centurion (from Neil Marshall of Dog Soldiers and Descent fame) has the story coming from the view of a small group of Roman soldiers trapped in northern Britain when they discover that the Picts are more than a match for them. Plenty of fighting and 15 certificate splatter. The direction and inclusion of David Morrisey and Noel Clarke among other actors I’m not aware of (but it looks from imdb that they do very well indeed).
Then there was Iron Man 2 - Good start. Good story. Nice characters and cameos. Little lack of action in the middle but the overall feel and effects filled ending make up for that. I stayed right up to the after credits scene too :)

Film on TV
Four Brothers
I Think I Love My Wife
College Road Trip
Without A Paddle: Nature’s Calling
Murder by Numbers
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
The Core
Burn After Reading had me chuckling at the Coen brothers dark humour. Well done again guys.

Rewatched Film on TV
I’m actually liking Elektra a little more as time goes by, but I always liked Constantine.

Best DVD bought
Get Smart Again - It was only a quid and I think it might actually give it’s money worth and more.

DVD watched
Books of Blood
Last Chance Harvey
The Proposal
The Brothers Solomon
Lord Of Illusion

Clive Barker’s Lord Of Illusion was actually quite good but I must be in a feel good comedy mode as I enjoyed Sandra Bullock being naked in The Proposal.

DVD Rewatched
Donkey Punch
Little Nicky

Book read

Top purchase
My dog head toothpaste tube cap looks fun but doesn’t really work but I’m hoping my 5 in one thingy opener (for food cans, drink cans, screw cap bottles, beer bottles, jars) will :)

May has 13 days at work, 5ish gigs and a couple of trips to Kel’sfamilyland.
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