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The first of my H.E.A.T. gigs was on Saturday the 22nd .
We got to Rock City before 8pm to find the doors still shut and everything running about an hour late due to flight problems the band had on this their first of a handful of UK dates.

For the support band NeonFly’s set there were only a couple of dozen people there. But the band played well in a NWoBHM/power metal type vibe and dedicated a song to the late Ronnie James Dio.

The number of people attending more than doubled for the main band. It’s not a good amount but hopefully good enough for the band to get something out of it. They were also selling their new CD at the gig which wasn’t officially released in the UK at the time.

I’ve seen the band about 3 times during their first album tour and they were always good and Saturday was no exception. Although they only played for about 50 minutes possibly due to the late start and reports of a few medical problems with vocalist Kenny’s throat, not there seemed to be any indication of it.

Great good time AOR melodic rock from these young Swedish lads.
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