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On Sunday 23rd we traveled to Birmingham for another gig. This time both bands were British with an easy going soulful melodic rock vibe from the somewhat older members of the bands.

First up was Romeo’s Daughter who were great at Firefest (Nottingham’s 3 day melodic rock fest) last year and once again did a fab job uplifting everyone with their Def Leppard style songs (mainly thanks to originally being produced by Mutt Lange) with the lovely vocals of Leigh Matty (a lady) who added a touch of glamour to events.

Then it was time for FM. A band popular in the late 80s early 90s who reunited for a special appearance at Firefest and had such a good time and positive response that they decides to make another album (although with a different guitarist).
The result is Metropolis and it’s wonderful. The songs played from it over their 90 minutes live fitted in well with their classics. We were on the 2nd row and had a really great time in the presence of Steve (the voice) Overland and the guys.
It was our 2nd time at the O2 Academy although this time in a smaller upstairs room. The only gripes were that the queues for the bar were too long and the drinks too expensive. But free parking up the road and not bad loos, decent air con, great sound and atmosphere made up for that.
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