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It was that time of year again when I swapped some of her majesty’s pounds for Swedish Kroner and made my way towards a field in southern Sweden for 3.5 days of ROCK.

This year was my 7th and my 2nd with Kel joining me. It was unfortunately also the 2nd time that it has chucked it down for a lot of the weekend. A coincidence? I don’t think so :p The weather did make it not as good as it could have been but we survived and saw some great bands.

We started off at 15:30 on the newly named Dio Stage in honour of the late great rock vocalist.
First up were a band called HEART ATTACK who won the opportunity to play in a battle of the bands contest. They were of course a Heart tribute band and dodgy wigs on the blokes aside they were very good.
Its very odd seeing men sing along to All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You.

Next on the Sweden Stage were a band called SATOR, but I can’t remember what they were like. Kel says we might have been eating donuts :)~

This year the Tent Stage is a little smaller and mostly featured bands playing acoustically. First was an Australian lass called KITTO who had a Joplin/Melissa Etheridge husky type voice. A nice start to the tentiness.

Craziness next with F.K.U. which stands for Freddie Kruger’s Underwear. No underwear was displayed but they did all have ghoul makeup and Freddie jumpers on as they did their comedy thrash metal.

Scottish band ALESTORM attacked the Sweden Stage with their pirate metal. Possibly the only use of a keytar this festival.

With a name like NALLE & HIS CRAZY IVANS I expected something loony in the tent but they turned out to be a few aging guys playing nice acoustic straight forward rock.

I was impressed by STEELWING. These young Swedes had the outfits, moves and ability to be like the sons of Iron Maiden.

The best of day 1 for me had to be MICHAEL MONROE. With Hanoi Rocks now dead he is free to get himself a cracking new band (featuring Ginger Wildheart on guitar) and put all he has got into entertaining the crowd. There was a good mix of new stuff and Hanoi classics as he did splits and bounded around the stage including the corners to get close to the crowd and climbing the side scaffolding to thrill them. Top class rock entertainment.

WARRIOR SOUL were next in the acoustic tent. Not a band who you would think would lend itself to that environment, but Kory Clarke and his band managed to pull it off and go 25 minutes over their allotted 3 minute slot.

I didn’t stay for it all though because on the way over to give The Quireboys a quick viewing there was another band playing in the Nemis New Bands Tent. They were called THE MURDER OF MY SWEET and with the female vocals and keyboards they sounded a little like the big wave of symphonic metal bands around but with a touch more melodic rock about them.
Udo as the headliner that night and while he can be entertaining we decided that bed and warmth might benefit us more so back the hotel we went.
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