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We waited for the Sweden Roc Buss across the road from the hotel but it was lat and had to sardine us all in before Swedish comedy buss driver could go.

So we got there in time to watch most of STONE SOUR. Not a band I would follow but worth a bit f a viewing.

Nazereth were on the main stage but we had the great 80s Swedish melodic rock band TREAT to look forward to on the Dio Stage. It was yet again a good show for their hour and a pleasure to hear plenty of tracks from the new album.

I’ve never seen EVERGREY so for the next 25 minutes I hung around the tent to see them performing acoustically. They were good but I’ve heard them do something similar on a live album but never seen the next band..

MOTHERS FINEST are an almost all black band from America whose influences range from funk, soul, blues and rock. I really enjoyed them especially when it was Joyce Kennedys turn to sing in her Tina Turner rockin' out style. She and the rest f the band are good for a bunch of oldies ;)

Ratt had to cancel their slot but it was filled by a melodic rock band called PRETTY MAIDS who I enjoyed a lot more than I would have done if the original band were there.

As always there was some southern rock at SRF. This time from BLACKBERRY SMOKE. A young band (for southern rock standards) and well worth the watch.

UK progressive band PENDRAGON have been around for 25 years but partly due to the time between albums (8 released) I had never got to see them live. Vocalist/guitarist Nick Barrett presented a good 90 minutes of occasionally mellow Pink Floyd influenced 80s footed prog with the help of his 3 band mates including respected keyboard man Clive Nolan.

The weather was turning to the wet side once again so I listened to 30 minutes of SLAYER whilst trying to scanner out the flamingos in the beer tent.

Being a prog fan I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see AMON DUUL II. Now going for 41 years and still as loony as ever. Vocalist Renate Knaup occasionally spoke or sang in her native German which only a handful of Krauts and Kel probably understood. We learnt a new phrase Tail of the toad.
An odd gig from a band which Kel couldn’t believe I knew of but I’m glad I was there :)

The Quireboys were in the acoustic tent but I had some proper rockin’ to do at the Sweden Stage where JORN and his band were playing. Now with plenty of solo albums behind him he could pick some good stuff to fill 90 minutes. His influences are clearly there as sometimes he channels the essence of Coverdale and more recently he goes a little bit Dio. He’s vocally strong, has plenty of experience behind him and the crowds seem to love this Norwegian mustached fella.

We hung around for the first few AEROSMITH songs which included Love In An Elevator and Back In The Saddle.
I thought they sounded ok but there were reports of iffyness later on.
But we were cold and tired and I’ve seen them at their better so back to the real beds we went.
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