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This time we took a taxi in so we could go see a bit of crotch rock from THE ITCH and then more importantly BIGELF. This beaded foursome have influenced from Black Sabbath & King Crimson. The Finnish guitar players take care of the Sabbath parts while American main man Damon Fox sings while also playing a Hammond and a moogy thing on either side of him. A great band with more humour than you think they might have.
It was the day of the main stages with M.S.G. being the first big band. Now reunited with vocalist Gary Barden and bassist Chris Glenn plus Chris Slade on drums.
Michael Schenker is sober and able to play well. Although his bent forward playing stance isn’t much to look at but the others added enough extra fun. The main thing was that the songs were good.

D-A-D were next. Sweden loves them and at times they can be good but some tunes can ramble on a little. Worth a sit down chill out to though.

We then saw a bit of PRAYING MANTIS on the smaller Dio Stage and had a jolly time with this once NWOBHM band.

One of the highlights next. Most people might know Australian RICK SPRINGFIELD from his hit Jessie’s Girl but the best of CD and his performance at SRF proves he’s a lot more.
His band were good and supported him as he decided to climb off the 8 foot high stage and go amongst the crowd with his microphone so they could join in. Although his equipment failed when he was swinging from the scaffolding of the mixing des tower.
So back to the stage he went with a young Swedish boy he stole from the audience. He asked the boy to say his name which could have been Christian or some similar sounding Swedish name, but it definitely wasn’t Dustin which Rick used. It was a good comedy moment in a fantastic set of rocking melodic rock tunes. A real treat.

Originally I had intended to see all of MAGNUM but I saw them last year doing something similar so went round to the other field for something a bit more crazy.

STEEL PANTHER are a joke band. No doubt about it. They pretend to be dumb womanisers and dress like it’s the 80s and write songs about doing things with women. The songs are actually quite good but it’s the cheeky banter with the crowd that really sets this band apart. At one point they had each side throwing insults at each other. Really great fun.

CINDERELLA are often grouped with 80s glam bands but their gritty bluesy side sets them aside from some of those party bands. Personally I think they sound a bit better on disc than live but there were some good moments including Gypsy Road, Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) and Shake Me.
They must have been good as I completely forgot to go and check out Suicidal Tendencies on the other stage.

A loo and food break gave us a little time to watch an acoustic Bonafide play before settling in for BILLY IDOL. I really enjoyed seeing him a few years back at Rock City and while he was good this time the cold and damp were getting to us again so shortly before the end of his set we got the buss back.
It would have been nice to see Gary Moore headlining but I don’t think it’s one I’m too bothered about missing.
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